Garforth Academy

Garforth Academy

Library and Technology Refurb


Garforth Academy

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The VergoUK teamed up with Garforth Academy to take a look at their library and technology resource area. The existing space needed refreshing in order to create an environment that was both exciting to teach and learn in.

Looking at the space available to work with, VergoUK came up with a plan to develop an area that was inviting and encouraged students to spend time there. Starting with the designs, VergoUK put forward a solution that was open-plan and engaging which Garforth Academy loved the idea of.

Creating a combination area that was spacious whilst allowing ample room to learn meant the previously dark and enclosed space was really opened, something which both pupils and teachers loved.

VergoUK provided the furniture for this fit out project and supplied everything including the study furniture, IT suitable tables, chairs, and storage. Balancing the practicality of the educational furniture and creating a space that people wanted to be in meant that the end result was a spacious, welcoming area to learn in.

Simon Vaughan, Managing Director at VergoUK said, “I’m so pleased with the collaboration that we have had with Garforth Academy. It’s been great to allow their vision to come to life and to create a space that teachers and students love being in.”

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