A DSE Sweep for Groomfield Recruitment

a dse sweep for groomfield recruitment

A DSE Sweep for Groomfield Recruitment


Groomfield Recruitment


April 2021

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When Groomfield Recruitment reached out to VergoUK to help with the comfort of their staff, we were on hand to help straight away. Managing Director, Jane enquired about how we could assess eight of their staff members at their office in Birmingham. To assist with Jane’s enquiry, we put forward a cost and time effective solution. This meant all staff would receive a DSE assessment.

We suggested carrying out a company wide DSE assessment (otherwise known as a DSE sweep) whereby we can visit a premises for a half or full day and assess staff members and their workstations. These assessments are great for entire companies, departments, offices, or smaller teams to ensure everyone can work comfortably.

Agreeing this was the best solution, we booked Groomfield Recruitment in for their DSE assessments and our ergonomic assessor, Richard made a visit to their office in April 2021. Richard assessed each workstation and asked a series of questions to get an accurate snapshot of how each individual worked.

Following the DSE assessments, Richard then collated a full written report which was sent to Groomfield Recruitment to review. The report included a summary of the assessments carried out as well as a breakdown of everyone who was assessed and a more detailed look at their workstation.

All users received basic training in the principles of good working posture and ergonomics. This included the importance of maintaining open hip angles and how the shoulder blade should remain in contact with the chair. Regular posture breaks were also recommended.

In the report for Groomfield Recruitment were three chair recommendations including a high back and medium high back ergonomic chair for those in the office who were slightly taller. Groomfield Recruitment decided to go ahead with the recommendations that they received. To ensure everyone is set-up comfortably, Richard is scheduled to make a return to their office to get them set up comfortably.

Jane Groom at Groomfield Recruitment said,

“I cannot fault Vergo for assessing our office needs. I contacted John first of all via email who called me at the time I requested, he went through the services and booked our assessment at a time that was suitable for business requirements. Richard then attended and saw each member of staff individually; I then received a full report within 48 hours. We have made some really good changes for the wellbeing of our team, however, there was no pressure to purchase from Vergo. We did however order 3 chairs which have arrived within the time limit we were given, John has now organised Richard to attend the office the next working day to ensure the set-up is correct. Customer service is second to none, even a follow up off Claire to ensure we are happy with the service we have received, and we are delighted.”

If you’d like to book a single assessment or sweep for your team, get in touch via the form below or call us on 01422 659051 and the team would love to help.

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