Ergonomic Chairs

When you think about it we sit for over 8 hours a day, often without moving regularly if stationed at an office desk or computer, so getting the right seating is essential.

Our bodies are not used to sitting in one position so long and if we are in the wrong position during this time it can put immense strain on bones and ligaments.

VergoUK have a specialist ergonomic chair department designed to make sure you get the right chair for you. Everyone’s body is different and therefore seating needs to be right for each individual. Getting the right seating can help improve musculoskeletal issues or even prevent reoccurring back pain.

With over 20 years’ experience in the provision of ergonomic seating and accessories, we’ll help you choose the right chair for you if you need advice or you can request a copy of our latest ergonomic brochure. All our seating products come with a 5 year structural guarantee and 2 year fabric guarantee.

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