Online DSE Assessments

Online DSE Assessments

With the current climate meaning thousands of us are still working from home, we have seen an increase in people reaching out to us who are suffering from a bad back and aches and pains. This is because instead of being sat at an appropriate desk, workers are sat at the kitchen table, on the sofa, their bed or even the floor. In order to help with this, we are offering online DSE assessments through our platform VergoPro. Our online assessments are a great way of ensuring employees can work comfortably whilst away from their conventional working environments.

Available for staff ranging from one employee all the way up to ten thousand, VergoPro means you can cover Health and Safety legislation whilst ensuring everyone has the appropriate work station set-up. Making sure the process is as simple and straightforward as possible, all you need to do is purchase one license per employee where they can then follow the simple steps to complete their own assessment.

Our online platform also delivers automatic follow-up reminders, a training library, a reporting suite with statistics as well as DSE training. Not only does our online DSE Assessment offering mean all employees can be assessed but, it also flags up any high risk staff members who may need further assistance and a more in depth DSE Assessment which is something that we can also deliver.

Online DSE Assessment Enquiry

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