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What is a DSE assessment?

A DSE assessment is also known as a display screen equipment or VDU (visual display unit) assessment. A DSE assessment should be carried out on anyone who uses DSE equipment for more than an hour at a time. DSE equipment includes desktops, mobiles, laptops and tablets.

Our assessments can either be carried out in person or remotely. Once your assessment is booked in, our ergonomic DSE assessor will make an observation of your workstation set-up (whether in the office or at home), ask a series of questions about your comfort and how you work and then make suitable suggestions to improve comfort.

This could include showing you how to properly adjust your chair or, altering your screen height. If new ergonomic furniture is required, our assessor will then put suitable recommendations forward to specifically suit your needs.

How long does a DSE assessment take?

A DSE assessment typically takes around 45-60 minutes. This gives our assessors ample time to assess your workstation, speak to you about how comfortable you are whilst working and consider any recommendations to help you improve comfort.

How do I book a DSE assessment?

You can book a DSE assessment in a number of ways. You can book a DSE assessment online here. Alternatively, contact a member of the VergoUK team via email or telephone and we’d be more than happy to facilitate your booking or, answer any questions you have.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study and science surrounding the designing and arranging of items that people use so that they can do so efficiently and safely. Also known as human factors, ergonomics specialises in ensuring people can carry out tasks comfortably in order to avoid musculoskeletal problems or injury.

We have a long history of working in the ergonomics world and pride ourselves on making sure all of our customers are able to work much more comfortably after we have carried out a DSE assessment.

When will you get in touch with me to book my assessment?

If you’ve filled out a form on our website, we will be in touch within 24 hours (within our normal working hours of 8:30am – 5pm Monday to Friday). A member of the VergoUK team will get in touch to discuss your DSE assessment requirements and arrange your booking. From here, we usually book your DSE assessment in within the next five working days.

What’s the difference between a face to face DSE assessment and remote DSE assessment?

We carry out both face to face and remote DSE assessments. The booking process is entirely the same for both however, with a face to face assessment, we schedule one of our ergonomic DSE assessors to make an on site visit where as a remote DSE assessment would involve arranging a virtual assessment. Our remote assessments can be carried out via either video or telephone call and would simply require some images of your existing workstation set-up so that we can get an accurate snapshot of how you work.

After the face to face or remote assessment, our assessor will then send across a full written report along with any suitable recommendations to ensure you can work comfortably.

Can I book a DSE assessment for my entire department?

Absolutely. Our DSE assessment service can be completely tailored to suit your needs. This means we can carry out one assessment or asses your team, department, office or entire workforce. You can get in touch with the VergoUK team for more information about our DSE solutions and to get a quote.

When do I need to book a DSE assessment?

DSE assessments ensure workers who use display screen equipment are comfortable in order to avoid musculoskeletal problems. With this, a DSE assessment should be carried out on a number of occasions including the following;

  • When a new member of staff joins
  • When somebody moves departments
  • If a staff member takes on a new role
  • If a staff member is suffering with aches and pains
  • If you begin using new equipment
  • If there is a change in environment e.g transitioning from office to home working

Where do you carry out DSE assessments?

We work with customers across the UK and have assessors based across the country meaning we can carry out assessments nationwide. We are able to provide face to face or remote assessments and also have an online DSE platform too.

Who do the DSE reports get sent to?

DSE assessment reports typically get sent to your line manager unless otherwise stated. We always confirm who the report needs to be sent to. Reports are sent to the correct person within 72 hours of the DSE assessment being carried out.

After my DSE assessment, what is the process?

Once one of our ergonomic DSE assessors has carried out your DSE assessment, they will outline your existing workstation, any problems that you may be experiencing and our recommendations to improve your workstation and comfort. From here, the report is sent  to the appropriate person where you can then view the report and make any decisions about changing your ergonomic furniture if necessary.

What is the average timeframe for equipment being delivered?

Once your order is placed for your new ergonomic equipment, the average time frame for delivery for chairs is 10-14 working days and 3-5 working days for accessories (stock dependent).

Are there any tips for good posture?

We often get asked for some tips to help support good posture. So, here are a few pointers to help you;

  • Avoid slouching – keep your shoulders back
  • Straighten up and stand up tall when possible
  • Sit all the way back in your chair
  • Bend your knees at a right angle when sat down
  • Take a minute to stretch your neck to avoid strain in your neck

If you have any further questions or would like more advice, feel free to call the VergoUK team at anytime and we’d be more than happy to assist.

What else do you provide aside from DSE assessments?

Our background at VergoUK is in ergonomics. As well as offering DSE assessments, we also provide ergonomic office furniture such as chairs, desks and accessories.

We also provide interior fit outs for schools and offices and can assist with anything from design to installation. Whether you need to refurbish your existing work space or, are moving to a new premises we are able to help.

If you have any questions or would like to chat to us about our services, fill out the form below and a member of the VergoUK team will be in touch shortly.

If you have any questions or would like to chat to us about our services, fill out the form below and a member of the VergoUK team will be in touch shortly.

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