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Tips On How To Work Comfortably

June 23, 2022 Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

It is important to not underestimate the importance of working comfortably. Being sat at a desk for hours at a time can lead to musculoskeletal disorders which cause aches and pains. If not rectified quickly, they can become difficult to manage. This often leads to absenteeism, a lack of morale, poor productivity and an unhappy workforce.

Display screen equipment (DSE) assessments however, are a way of ensuring you and your team can work comfortably at all times. DSE assessments with VergoUK can be completed face to face, remotely or online.

They are carried out by our ergonomic specialists who have years of experience helping people work comfortably. Our ergonomic experts will assess your workstation, make suitable adjustments where necessary and will also provide a full written report. DSE reports give an overview of the individual’s workstation as well as any new equipment recommendations if any are needed.

But, how do you work comfortably working?

In the office

When working in the office, workers typically have a stationary desk set-up that they work from every day. If it is not set-up to be ergonomically correct for the individual user, aches and pains can quickly occur.

A few tips to help you work more comfortably when in the office are:

  • Ensure your screen sits directly at eye level
  • Keep your keyboard and mouse at a height where your elbows are at 90 degrees
  • Adjust your chair so that your knees sit just slightly lower than your knees
  • Keep your hips and bum towards the back of your lower chair
  • Use a headset if you are on the phone a lot

From home

The past few years has seen more employees working from home. This can make it difficult to work comfortably as many households don’t have a home office. A few things to make it comfortable whilst working from home are:

  • Take regular breaks from your screen
  • Try and create a separate workplace e.g work in a separate room
  • Ensure you have as much natural light and fresh air as possible
  • Close your work away at the end of the day so you can switch off
  • Avoid working from the sofa, bed or floor, an ergonomic office chair is always best

Hybrid working

As well as remote working from home, workers are also adopting a hybrid working model. This means they are working in a combination of places such as the office, home and cafes. It can be difficult to work comfortably in a range of environments so, how can you ensure you are as comfortable as possible?

  • Use a laptop riser if working remotely to ensure your screen is at eye level
  • If working from home or in a cafe, use a mouse so that your wrist and arms are comfortable
  • Take regular breaks to ensure you are recharged and ready to work
  • Be comfortable – find a chair which looks like it will give you as much support as possible

Whether you are working from the office full time, work from home or split your time between the two, it is important to ensure you do so comfortably. Get in touch to book your DSE assessment today and we can improve your comfort, wherever you work.

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