Insurance companies could see a rise in claims following staff working from home

Insurance companies could see a rise in claims following staff working from home

August 20, 2021 Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

Since March 2020, thousands of employees were sent home to work indefinitely. Fast forward almost eighteen months and for many, this is still the case. As ergonomic specialists we see a variety of workstations on a daily basis however, the ‘home office’ has raised a number of concerns when it comes to posture and comfort whilst working.

To support those who are still working from home, we have been carrying out both our face to face and remote display screen equipment (DSE) assessments. Whilst working from home we have seen employees working from their sofa, on the kitchen table, from bed or even the floor.

Our DSE assessments are a great way of tackling posture problems and discomfort. Once booked in, our ergonomic assessor will take a look at the workstation and ask a series of questions to determine where and how we are best able to assist. If any alterations to the workstation can be made such as changing screen height or adjusting a chair, the assessor will do this. From here, a full written report is created along with any furniture recommendations if necessary. It is this approach which allows us to get an accurate over view of how each individual works, allowing us to help make improvements.

Insurance companies are expecting more claims

With the increasing number of staff members now working remotely (whether temporarily or permanently), there is a general consensus that major Liability and Private Medical insurers are factoring in increased musculoskeletal claims. This naturally follows the increase in homeworkers who are using inappropriate equipment, specifically chairs.

This is mostly down to many employers not taking their employees home environment into consideration. Failing to carry out risk assessments has left many companies open to negligence claims are more and more staff are suffering with bad backs and aches and pains.

Without a robust programme which follows home risk assessment procedures and the provision of suitable equipment, employees are not able to work safely from home for prolonged periods. It is this neglect that has led to employees claiming for compensation following inadequate safety procedures.

Workplace wellbeing

For those companies however that do tackle their employees concerns around home working, their staff have been able to work comfortably. Ensuring staff members have appropriate equipment to use when working also boosts morale and shows consideration for employee wellbeing.

With working from home often being isolating for many (particularly for those who live alone), looking after your employees wellbeing is arguably more important than ever. Ensuring each staff member has a DSE assessment ensures they can work comfortably but, that they are valued and appreciated.

To book DSE assessments for your staff, get in touch with the VergoUK team. We can carry out company wide DSE assessments so that you entire team, department or office is comfortable. Or, if you have a employee size of more than thirty staff members, our online DSE assessment platform is really popular.

Get in touch for more information.

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