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Homeworker Solutions

November 20, 2020 Back Pain, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

The surge in homeworkers this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic has seen thousands of employees working in unconventional spaces. Although homeworking was an initial temporary shift in working, eight months down the line, thousands of staff member are still in the same position.

Working from home?

This change has led to businesses asking staff to work from home for the foreseeable future and for some, forever. For those that are continuing to work from home however, being able to work comfortably is something that needs addressing.

Just as employee’s health and safety is considered important in the workplace, the same level of care should be carried out for those working from home. This means that it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure staff have a suitable workstation set up so that they can work efficiently and comfortably just as they would be able to when in the office.

How we have been helping

Since lockdown began, we have been assisting a number of customers in order to help their homeworking staff. Providing a comprehensive homeworker package, we have rolled out a solution to employees whereby they can select the ideal chair, desk and/or accessories in order to work comfortably.

With many businesses giving their staff a budget to purchase the equipment they need, we are able to work within any pricing bracket regardless of how small or large to help all homeworkers get set up comfortably.

Why is the correct equipment important?

The correct equipment is so important when it comes to working. Having a chair that isn’t suited for you can lead to poor posture and bad sitting habits which can quickly lead to problems. Musculoskeletal disorders, a bad back and aches and pains can occur which means productivity reduces and the number of sick days taken increases.

Measurements such as upper and lower leg as well as back height should be taken in order to ensure you are choosing the most suitable chair. Somebody who is taller than average height for example, may need to consider a chair with a larger seat slide. Someone who is shorter, may consider opting for a footrest to help them sit more comfortably.

The same goes for office accessories. Opting for the right mouse and keyboard helps users avoid repetitive strain injury which then leads to sore wrists and aching shoulders.

If you have staff members who are working from home and are looking for a solution to help them work more comfortably, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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