Ergonomic office setup with adjustable chair, ergonomic keyboard, and monitor at eye level.

Ergonomic Office Setup – Achieve Optimal Comfort

June 21, 2023 Accessories, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing


We are at a turning point in this constantly changing world where everything is quickly moving towards digitalisation. We must adjust to these changes in order to flourish and be successful in our endeavours. Technology has influenced every area of our life, from household appliances to automobiles. But while aiming for maximum effectiveness, there is one important factor that can never be disregarded if we must ensure maximum comfort and minimise the risk of discomfort or injuries, and that is our workplace layout. We will discuss the importance of embracing digital transformation and the effect of an ergonomic workplace arrangement on productivity in this short article.

Ergonomic office setup with adjustable chair, ergonomic keyboard, and monitor at eye level.

1. Ergonomic Desk and Chair – Ergonomic Office Setup

Beginning with with an appropriate workstation and chair, an ergonomic office setting is built from the ground up. Keeping the following in mind will help:

  1. To keep your spine in a neutral posture, select a chair that is adjustable and has enough lumbar support.
  2. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground or, if necessary, use a footrest.
  3. Choose a desk that has enough room for your computer, keyboard, and other necessary accessories.
  4. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your wrists and arms parallel to the floor by adjusting the workstation height.

2. Proper Keyboard and Mouse Placement

You may considerably lessen the stress on your hands and wrists by using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse setup.

Follow these recommendations:

  1. Place your keyboard at a height that allows your shoulders to relax and your elbows to rest comfortably by your sides.

2. Maintain a straight wrist and refrain from excessive bending or extension.

3. Use a keyboard tray or a wrist rest to provide support for your wrists while typing.

4. Place your mouse near the keyboard and in an accessible location to reduce reaching and strain.

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3. Monitor Positioning

In order to maintain excellent posture and lessen eye strain, proper monitor setting is essential. Consider the following advice:

  1. Place the top of your display screen at or slightly below eye level to avoid tilting your head up or down,

2. Keep your distance from the screen at a comfortable viewing level; this is usually an arm’s length.

3. Change the brightness and contrast settings on the display to lessen eye fatigue,

4. Use a screen protector with anti-glare properties to reduce reflections and glare.

4. Lighting and Ergonomic Accessories

  1. Take steps to ensure the area where you work is well-lit to avoid eye fatigue. Use natural illumination or install adjustable lights.

2. Utilise an ergonomic backrest or chair cushion to give additional support and lessen pain spots.

3. To maintain reference materials at eye level and lessen neck strain, think about utilising document holder.

4. Take frequent pauses and include stretching exercises to improve blood flow and ease tension in the muscles.



It is important for your productivity and well-being to put time and effort into designing an ergonomic workplace arrangement. You may work in the utmost comfort by using the proper furniture, tools, and location. Do not forget to take rests, maintain proper posture, and pay attention to your body’s signals. You will feel better physically, and your productivity and job happiness will both rise.

Always keep in mind that an ergonomically sound workplace is the cornerstone of a happier and healthier working environment.








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