DSE assessments in schools and the difference they can make

DSE Assessments in schools and the difference they can make

July 16, 2021 Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

At VergoUK, we have a long standing relationship with schools and over the years have been able to ensure staff members are able to work comfortably.

We understand that for most schools, budgets are tight and any money that you have, is spent on making sure classrooms are as engaging and as interesting to learn in as possible – and rightly so in our opinion.

Common themes we see in schools

When left working on inadequate equipment such as uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time however, musculoskeletal problems soon occur which leads to absences from work. This soon turns out to be costly. From our work with schools, we have noticed a common theme which seems to be that the most problem areas are reception/welcome areas, staffrooms, meeting rooms and the headteachers office.

As the majority of schools budgets are spent on the classrooms, these areas of the school are often left neglected which means as time passes, school admin and faculty staff are working uncomfortably. The same applies for staffrooms which aren’t ergonomically designed and are often spaces where teachers try each their lunch from whilst marking work or creating lesson plans whilst juggling a laptop on their lap.

Our experience when working with schools however, has taught us that we are able to help. Whether you need a display screen equipment (DSE) assessment for your member of staff or, need help with your staffroom to make it a nicer, more comfortable place to work, we can help.

Choosing the ‘right’ chair

Traditionally when we go into schools to carry out a DSE assessment, we find that more often than not, they have tried to rectify the problem. Schools usually buy products from a catalogue and the person with a bad back for example, will choose a chair which looks comfortable for them. When it arrives however, quite often it isn’t actually very comfortable at all.

This is because the chair isn’t suitable for them and their measurements. The chairs that we provide are specifically made for people of all shapes and sizes. This means we can put forward the appropriate chair for you, taking into consideration your height, measurements and any musculoskeletal problems. A DSE assessment helps with this.

How a DSE assessment helps

Carrying out a DSE assessment on a member of staff allows us to look at their workstation, make any adjustments where we can and then put forward any recommendations for new equipment where necessary. After the assessment, a full written report is then sent to the line manager where any product recommendations can either be approved or declined.

Taking an entire look at the workstation allows our ergonomic DSE assessors to get a picture of how the individual works. Giving them time to explain any musculoskeletal problems that they may have, the assessor then knows exactly which changes to make or products to put forward to ensure they can work comfortably.

If you have a DSE assessment and a new chair is put forward for example, you are then safe in the knowledge that it is a chair that is suitable for the person in question and will be comfortable for them to work from as opposed to picking a chair from a brochure and hoping for the best.

Problem staffrooms and how can we make the ergonomic?

Staffrooms are places where most teachers juggle eating their dinners, marking work and lesson planning. They usually consist of a number of standard table and chairs which are not pleasant and welcoming to look at, let alone comfortable.

We can create a space that not only supports working but also gives you a designated area to have a break and somewhere nice to eat. Taking a look at the entire staffroom, we are able to decipher the best layout and which seating, desks, table and storage are most suitable for the room.

From tub seating to comfortable sofas and dining tables to ergonomic seating, we’re able to transform your impractical staffroom into an area that you can utilise whilst having the added bonus of actually being comfortable.

Small but important changes can make all the difference to space and how it is used for work. We know how often staffrooms are used by teachers for a variety of reasons and that it can be difficult to work comfortably a lot of the time which is why it is so important to have a sanctuary to go to and carry out work.

Whether you have a member of staff who is suffering with discomfort where they work or, need help creating a staffroom that is comfortable and practical to use, we can help. Get in touch with a member of the VergoUK team via the form below and we would be more than happy to help.

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