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DSE Assessment for a Healthy Christmas Season

December 11, 2023 Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

Christmas Season Ergonomics: Enhance Workplace Comfort with DSE Assessments

Amidst the joy of the season, prioritise your team’s well-being with our tailored Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment service. Is discomfort or strain affecting your employees at their computer workstations? Our DSE Assessment service ensures a safe and ergonomic workspace, promoting both comfort and productivity during this festive time.

What is Included in our DSE Assessment?

  • Festive On-site Assessment: Our DSE assessors, donned in holiday cheer, will visit your premises to evaluate workstations, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for your team.
  • Personalised Evaluations: Each employee receives a tailored assessment, addressing their specific needs during this joyful season, recommending adjustments for optimal comfort and cheer. Ergonomic
  • Festive Recommendations: Receive detailed guidance on workstation setup, chair adjustments, monitor positioning, and other ergonomic measures to keep spirits high and reduce strain.
  • Festive Strategies for Risk Mitigation: Practical advice on breaks, exercises, and work habits to keep the festive spirit alive while minimising the risk of discomfort.
  • Festive Report and Recommendations: A comprehensive report filled with holiday cheer outlining assessment findings and tailored recommendations, empowering you to implement necessary changes to your winter wonderland workspace.

vergouk christmas dse assessment

Benefits of our DSE Assessment

  • Comfort and Joy: Enhance the comfort and well-being of your employees during this season of joy by optimizing their workstations.
  •  Increased Festive Productivity: Ergonomically designed workspaces often lead to increased focus, efficiency, and a dash of holiday cheer.
  • Regulatory Compliance with a Festive Spirit: Ensure compliance with DSE regulations and standards, fostering a healthy work environment that resonates with the spirit of the season.

“The reward of work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

– Jonas Salk

Why Choose Us for your DSE Assessment:

  • Jolly Experts: Our team comprises experienced DSE assessors who bring the magic of ergonomic best practices to your workplace.
  • Tailored Festive Solutions: Customised assessments and recommendations based on individual needs during this merry season.
  • Festive-Centric Approach: We prioritise spreading joy and well-being among your employees and work with you to implement practical solutions that keep the holiday spirit alive.


Spread cheer this season by investing in your workforce’s health and productivity with our festive DSE assessment service. Let’s create a comfortable and compliant workspace that supports your employees’ well-being and enhances their performance during this most wonderful time of the year. Contact us today to schedule a Festive DSE assessment and take a cheerful step toward a healthier and more productive work environment this Christmas and New Year!


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