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DSE assessments – an integral part of workplace wellbeing

August 1, 2017 Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Workplace Wellbeing

SMEs are the backbone of the British economy but sadly, many employees have sore backbones and that is costing their employers and the country £29billion annually in absenteeism. DSE assessments could help solve the problem.
Vergo UK has been providing Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments to SMEs and many larger organisations for nearly 10 years. In that time workplace wellbeing has risen up the agenda for many organisations but could we all be doing more? And if so, what?
Duncan Selbie is Chief Executive of Public Health England and he believes that small steps can make a big difference to everyone in the workplace. Recognising that small and micro organisations are not well placed to spend huge sums of money on workplace wellbeing he is none the less encouraging some small ideas in the workplace culture. Many resonate with our own ethos and policies. Generally called in when a work colleague experiences back or neck pain, our assessors often offer free advice rather than recommending a new workplace chair or desk.
So what can you do to tackle absenteeism?
First of all be proactive rather than reactive:
1) Look around your office. Is your workplace set up to the best advantage of your team? Are they encouraged to move about regularly so that stiffness caused by being sat in the same position don’t have a negative effect?
2) Musculoskeletal health affects both physical and mental wellbeing so develop alternatives for being sedentary all day. Could you hold meetings on the go or offer standing workstations for your team?
3) Encourage your team to move at least every two hours, if not more often and maybe you could develop a lunchtime activity challenge such as the ‘Couch to 5k’ to get them up from their seats at least every two hours. It can also promote positive team building within the organisation.
4) Do you routinely call DSE assessors in or do you wait until one of your team complain of a back pain or worse? Vergo UK offer advice as well as recommending remedial chairs or desks. If you would like some advice give us a call?
5) If your people do spend a lot of time at their desks is everything they need positioned in the right place? It isn’t just about the height or position of their chair or desk. Is their computer monitor at the right eye level, is their keyboard located in the correct place for them? Vergo UK could offer some simple guideline that will positively affect everyone in your workplace.
Absenteeism is costly and a few simple steps in the right direction could save you, in the long term, the loss of valued, capable employees who contribute to your profitability and productivity.
If you would like an informal chat or some ideas to safeguard your team’s wellbeing then contact VergoUK. Email, or tel: 01422 659051

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