Why you really need an ergonomic chair

Why you really need an ergonomic chair

October 1, 2019 Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Ergonomics

What is an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomic chairs are chairs that are designed to suit a range of people with certain ergonomical needs. Ergonomic chairs will be able to adjust to suit the need of an individual. For example, if the arm rests of a chair are too low, an ergonomic chair will have the ability to adjust the arm rest accordingly.

Why is finding the right chair so important?

If you sit down for a prolonged time at work, then you will be putting extreme stress on the lumbar area. It is easy to think that because you are sat down, and not doing anything that requires any major physical effort, that you’re not causing any harm. However, sitting for long periods of time combined with a sedentary lifestyle can lead to many health problems.

How to select the right chair

When selecting the right chair for you, it’s important to remember that sitting is a specific and specialised activity that is influenced by the way an individual interacts with their working environment. Ergonomic chairs are also typically more expensive than a standard office chair, but the health benefits are proven. With this in mind before investing in an ergonomic chair, arrange a DSE workstation assessment that will assess your sitting posture, workstation setup and current health conditions, allowing the assessor to recommend specific ergonomic chairs to suit you. .

What are the features of a good chair?

There are many different features on every different ergonomic chair. But the basic features for a good ergonomic chair are:

  • Adjustability
  • Seat height range
  • Backrest
  • Seat depth
  • Stability

Will an ergonomic chair solve all my problems of working in a seated position?

Potentially, yes. However, it is important to know that an ergonomic chair is only one component to consider when thinking about your workstation set-up.  Although an ergonomic chair should be the first thing to think about when designing the perfect ergonomic set-up, having something as simple as a footrest, lumbar roll or adjustable monitor arm may improve your health issues greatly.

At Vergo, our DSE assessments include a full written report of the existing workstation which helps both line managers and ‘end users’ identify any issues with current setups as well as any specific products that may assist on a proactive basis with regards to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

For more information on how we could help, contact us here.

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