why do you need a well laid out classroom

Why Do You Need A Well Laid Out Classroom?

April 7, 2021 Back Pain, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

At VergoUK, we specialise in ergonomics and interior fit outs. Much of our work consists of working closely with schools to redesign their space. We create engaging places to teach and learn so that both educational staff and pupils are excited to get to school every day and teach in the classroom.

With this, placing emphasis on changing your environment is at the heart of how you change the perspective of pupils in a classroom. A well laid out room instantly has an impact on students. Considering lighting, how much space there is and adding colour to a classroom are all ways of improving the way pupils learn.

Importance of ergonomics

The importance of ergonomics in classrooms is something that is widely overlooked. Being comfortable whilst teaching and learning is often taken for granted but, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Often teachers work from their classroom desks, in staffrooms or, spend their time crouching over student’s desks. Equally, student’s tables are crammed together making the classroom layout unconventional and clumsy.

A combination of these factors means classrooms are difficult to navigate for both teachers and pupils. Redesigning the layout of your classroom instantly makes it more spacious and lighter, creating a nicer environment to work in.

As well as looking at the layout of your classroom, it is also important to look at the furniture and design. A well laid out classroom helps you to make the most out of the space available.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Studies by the University of Salford have shown that well-designed primary school classrooms boost children’s learning. They also improve their progress when it comes to reading, writing and math.

Changes such as natural light, temperature, colour and classroom design played the biggest factors when it came to impacting their learning. The study proved that changes to classrooms can increase learning progress by 16% in a year.

Adopting new ways of teaching and learning in classrooms such as standing up more often is also proven to improve learning. A cross-sectional study showed that 95% of students preferred to stand in class. Over half of these teachers believed it would improve their physical health, attention and restlessness.

Making changes to the way you approach teaching and learning can have a huge impact on not only the environment that everybody is in but, the effectiveness and productivity of output.

Changing environments

Making changes to your classroom are proven to have a positive impact on student’s learning. The impact is also reflected in how staff members teach. The more likely somebody is to enjoy their environment, the happier they are. The result is increased productivity.

The VergoUK approach

At VergoUK, we have worked with schools for many years in order to rethink the way buildings look and feel. We don’t just redesign classrooms but, can make changes to any space within your school whether that be; meeting rooms, receptions areas, food halls, labs, break out spaces, classrooms, atriums and staff rooms.

If you’d like any assistance with redesigning your schools whether it be one room or your entire complex, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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