What is Back Pain?

October 12, 2011 Back Pain

What is back pain? Bending down to pat the dog, picking up your child, a sudden jolt in the car, or even taking a stroll, back pain can strike at any moment. Starting with a slight spasm or twitch in your spine, chances are this pain will increase throughout the day.

It will start by aching, causing a loss of flexibility and slowly but surely you will become stiff, experiencing pain when merely walking or bending. Depending on the severity, your back pain can become so intense, any slight movement is agony.

Although lying down may relieve some of the pain, turning over or getting out of bed can be increasingly difficult, causing you to roll and crawl to a standing position. Try to resist bed rest though, as the more active you stay the less stiff your back will become.

Luckily, most back pain can be treated within 6 to 12 weeks with an appropriate exercise plan, painkillers and patience. However, 90% of back pain sufferers will experience continued back pain in the future. This is why prevention is better than the cure.

Be aware of your posture, whether standing, sitting, sleeping, driving… everything! It can happen to both men and women, young and old. Some jobs are also to blame for bad backs, with manual labour workers are at a higher risk due to being uneducated about proper lifting techniques.

Supermarket cashiers, telephone workers, office workers and long-haul drivers are also at a higher risk. Make sure you take breaks from whatever you are doing and stretch those legs!

Remember, only you know how your back feels, never over do anything, you only have one back for life! Being aware of the preventions can save you from a life time of back pain.

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