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VergoUK Quarterly Review July – Stay Informed

July 26, 2021 Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

Time flies when you’re having fun and it really has for us at VergoUK! We are well over half way through the year and can’t believe we are already writing our second quarterly review of the year (albeit a little late)!

Most Covid-19 restrictions in England have been lifted (as of the 19th of July) and it’s really nice to see the world waking up. The easing of restrictions has meant that we’ve seen an uplift in employees returning to work whilst business prepare to welcome everyone back.

What we are seeing

For millions of workers across the country, working from home has become the new normal. Understandably, going back to the office will be daunting. We have seen an increase in the number of businesses reach out to us for company wide DSE assessments. These assessments ensure all staff members can return to work comfortably.

Over a year of working from home has taken it’s toll on thousands of workers who have spent more than twelve months working remotely. We’ve seen employees working from a dining room chair, the sofa, bed and even floor in some instances. This has resulted in a plethora of musculoskeletal problems. Common problems that we see are bad backs and aches and pains in shoulders, neck and wrists due to unconventional working.

To tackle this, our company wide DSE assessments (or sweeps as we also call them) have allowed us to support businesses in ensuring staff can work comfortably upon their return. We are able to carry out our sweeps on up to 30 people in one day.

Our company wide assessments are very popular and we find our customers like the methodical process in which they work. For example, we can carry out our DSE assessments on your team, department or office floor in one day – providing this is up to 30 people. If you have more than 30 staff members, we can simply make arrangements to spend a couple of days within your business. This way, everyone within your company has had a DSE assessment and can work comfortably. Each sweep is supported by a full written report and overview of each workstation along with any recommendations.

Not only do our DSE assessments ensure staff can work comfortably but, they also make staff feel welcome after such a long period away from the office. Our sweeps allow us to catch a myriad of problems after a prolonged period of home working and in doing so help to boost employee morale and wellbeing.

Hybrid working

We do however appreciate that not everyone will return to the office. Many businesses have opted for either full time remote working or, a hybrid model consisting of both office and home based working. We are perfectly set up to support staff who are splitting their time between the office and home with our range of DSE assessment solutions.

We can carry out face to face or remote assessments for those employees working from home to ensure their workstation set-up is comfortably. However, if you have a larger remote working staff base, our online DSE solution, VergoPro is ideal. VergoPro is an online DSE solution which ensures everyone within your business, regardless of where they are working, can do so comfortably.

With VergoPro, each employee will receive their own license. They will then be sent a form/questionnaire to complete about their current workstation. From here, the results will be correlated in a portal which line managers (or whoever you grant permission to) has access to. The online software also comes with a comprehensive reporting system, delivers automatic follow-up reminders, a training library, a report suite with statistics and DSE training. It also flags up any high risk staff members so you are able to see which employees need further assistance. From here we can deliver a more in-depth, full DSE assessment.

VergoUK onboards new clients

We have also recently been busy onboarding a range of new clients and are proud to have been able to help hundreds of employees work comfortably. We have also recently secured an exciting new contract with a major retailer. VergoUK will carry out 50 DSE assessments a month to keep their staff members working comfortably.

We have also deployed our online DSE assessment solution with our long standing customer Sage. This will be rolled out to their global staff force of 14,000 members worldwide. All of this, combined with the existing 250 DSE assessments that we carry out monthly means that we have been very busy!

New team members!

As a result of onboarding our new customers, we have recently welcomed a new team member. Andy joins us as a field based Business Development Manager and has a wealth of experience working in account management, we’re so glad to welcome him onboard!

Not only have we welcomed Andy to the team but, we are also recruiting an additional DSE assessor. The role will be to support us with our increasing number of DSE appointments. It’s an exciting time to be at VergoUK so, if you are already a DSE assessor or, have experience in the ergonomics industry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending your CV across to

Additional support

As ergonomic experts, we know what makes for a comfortable workstation set-up. Our experience allows us to specify which products are the most cost effective and efficient chairs, desks and accessories for working. With this, we also help a range of our customers when it comes to general office seating.

Chatting with you to determine your requirements, we are able to specify excellent quality, comfortable office chairs for your entire workplace. This enables everybody across the board to work comfortably. Whether you’re refurbishing your existing office and your equipment needs addressing or, you’re moving to a new premises and are starting from scratch – we can help.

If you require any assistance when it comes to ensuring your staff can work comfortably, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the VergoUK team, we’d be more than happy to assist.

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