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February 24, 2017 Ergonomics, Uncategorized

VERGO UK is one of the country’s foremost Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessors and advisors trusted by private and public sectors organisations for more than a decade. But what are your responsibilities as an employer?
The Health and Safety Executive has been quite clear that as an employer you are responsible for the safety of your employees in the workplace. Increasingly, with flexible working, that means whether they work at your offices or at their own homes.

Why a Display Screen Equipment assessment?
Employees who may spend more than a few hours a day working at a Visual Display Unit (VDU) could be prone to pain in their:
• Back
• neck
• shoulder
• arms
• or experience headache
It‘s your job to make sure it doesn’t become a negative, life changing experience. But don’t worry Vergo UK are here to help identify problems before they arise, advise on options to prevent and train your team to get the most out of any equipment you buy to make their lives easier.
All Vergo UK DSE assessors are fully trained with many years experience to help you make informed choices for your team. During a typical Display Screen Equipment assessment they will talk extensively to your team members and watch them at their work station to identify incorrect seating or posture. Having their existing seat at the right height could make the world of difference.
With experience of complete office layout they are able to identify other mitigating factors such as incorrect VDU or keyboard position etc. They are also able to look at your whole office and advise on any changes beyond the immediate desk and chair that may be having a negative impact. Everyone should move about at regular intervals for example, even if only going to the loo!

Ergonomic solutions
The final, but often most important piece of the jigsaw is to suggest ergonomic furniture. This will enable them to make a comprehensive report highlighting measures you can take to protect your employees.
Vergo UK is a completely independent office furniture supplier specialising in the supply of ergonomic furniture for all businesses. Our aim is to ensure your employees are healthy, productive and safe in your work environment. Recommendations offer options for them and for you and come with impartial advice and free training.
If you would like to speak to one of our experienced advisors please call 01422 659051 or email

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