Tips to lessen back pain. Part two; Stress Reduction

August 22, 2011 Back Pain

It is impossible to go through life without at some point suffering from stress. The word stress has many meanings, one of which is a specific response by the body to a stimulus, such as fear or pain that disturbs or interferes with normal physiological equilibrium.

Stress has many symptoms; back -pain is just one of them. When doctors are presented with people suffering from persistent back-pain diagnosis can be difficult. One person can be given several different diagnoses from a variety of health care professionals. Sometimes people are told there is nothing wrong; what that means is there are no discernable structural changes to the bone, joints, muscle damage etc.

For people who continue to have back-pain all of the above can be very distressing. Pain in the back, neck or other parts of the body can be down to muscle tension. Muscles become tense due to stress, when the muscles remain tense they can become painful. (Hence the saying, “pain in the neck”, when it is another person causing you stresses).

Once you recognise that stress is the underlying cause of your back-pain then you are on your way to taking control of it. Learning how to relax is a step in the right direction. Massage of the muscle can help, consult a professional therapist in the first instance, a friend or relative could attend and help with massage on-going.

Always consult your GP before undertaking any treatments…

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