Tips to Lessen Back Pain. Part One; Exercise

August 17, 2011 Back Pain, Ergonomics, Orthopaedics

The lack of physical fitness can contribute to lower back pain. Exercise improves levels of fitness. The first rule of thumb regarding exercise is not to do too much in the first few days. Build up your tolerance levels slowly.

Stretching exercises are a step in the right direction to help alleviate lower back pain; spines can become stiff through fear of movement because of pain. Stretching is a nice gentle exercise that not only helps you feel in control, but can also ease short tight muscles that may have gone into a spasm. Consult your physiotherapist who will design you the correct stretching exercise programme.

Swimming is also a great place to start; swimming does not usually cause strain or add weight to the back. It also gives you a cardio-vascular workout that will contribute to your overall fitness levels.

Walking is possibly the easiest and least expensive way to increase fitness levels. Always start gently, incorporate walks daily, there is no need to use special equipment. A good pair of walking shoes is sufficient.

Back strengthening exercises for lower back pain, aim to strengthen the “core” muscles. These muscles are made up of the abdominal muscles, trunk muscles and the pelvic floor.  Physiotherapists design specific exercises and routines that are intended to strengthen back muscles and increase flexibility. Always consult your GP before embarking on an exercise programme…

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