Tips to lessen back pain. Part five; Bio-feedback

August 25, 2011 Back Pain

Tips to lessen back pain Part five bio-feedback; this is sometimes used for people who have short-term back pain. It is based on the idea that you can control some of the things that your body does normally, such as controlling the tension in your muscles.

According to the British Medical Journal Biofeedback is supposed to help you relax and reduce the tension, and therefore the back pain in your muscles.

How it all works according to the BMJ… To begin with, you have to wear a small electron monitoring device that measures how tense your muscles are. It does this by recording the electrical activity in your muscle. You are then taught how to relax, possibly through meditation, and finally to visualise what a relaxed muscle feels like.

The monitor will beep or flash if your muscle relaxes, and your brain will start to associate the practice of relaxation with reduced tension in your muscles. The theory in place here is that you can train your brain to relax tense muscles. One of the main sources of back pain other than poor posture is, muscle strains (pulled muscle) muscle spasm and muscle imbalances.

Biofeedback can be used in conjunction with other techniques for people with long term chronic back problems. Always consult your GP before embarking on any kind of treatment.

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