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There’s more to office furniture than chairs and desks

January 17, 2017 Uncategorized

WE spend more time at work than almost anywhere else so our office environment must be a comfortable and positive space where we can be at the top of our game. Yet Vergo UK often witness office furniture that prevents rather than enhances good performance and productivity.
Vergo UK have been the ‘go to’ supplier of ergonomic furniture for business, public sector and education for more than 20 years. Our ethos is to help you create the workspace your team want to be in. Our team can design, plan and advise so that your team will work effectively and efficiently in a healthy and attractive environment.
Your office and office furniture must reflect your company brand and ethos and be affordable.
So what is involved in furnishing an office?
Every commission starts with the Vergo UK team asking a few simple questions.
Design and planning are critical and can make or break your organisation. No two companies are the same so every commission takes into account:
• who will use your office furniture and importantly, who will visit?
• What kind of image do you want to create and what do you need within your office?
Our design and planning is based on team work. Working with your team to form an effective partnership to add real value in your office.
Are you creating the right impression in your reception area? First impressions count so Vergo UK can advise on:
• lighting
• seating
• desks and
• layout
so that visitors and colleagues feel welcome and know that they are entering a professional business environment that they want to work in.
Desk space and seating are vital to ensure that your team are productive and comfortable yet no two organisations are the same. A call centre for example has very different needs to a marketing company. It rarely receives visitors and needs to maximise its space whereas a marketing company needs to encourage the flow of creativity and promote the right image for visiting clients.
What about lighting? It can make or break your team. If it glares or is positioned incorrectly then it can cause health issues and undo any benefits you invest in ergonomic seating, yet in the right place it can encourage business.
Will you need permanent or occasional private meeting spaces? If so partitioning can be invaluable enabling the flow of dialogue and creativity in an open planning state yet providing privacy for business meetings. And do you want it hidden or can it be simply fold back?
Have you got enough of the right storage? Even in a digital work environment storage and free space is vital for important documents, while space between desks enables free movement of personnel.
Is everyone sitting comfortably? With many people working in sedentary roles you need to ensure that the seating you provide takes care of potential posture and musco-skeletal issues everyone could develop. Vergo UK are experts at workplace assessments recommending chairs that are versatile and effective for even the most troubled colleague.
If you would like professional impartial advice about your work environment contact our team on: 01422 659051 or email

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