The Mechanisms of Back Pain

August 31, 2011 Back Pain

The mechanisms of back pain /or some of the causes of back pain. For those of us who do not have nerve root pressure, or, serious spinal disease, which structure in the back, is actually aching?

Most people who suffer from back pain have backs that are structurally normal. That is to say that the spine is straight, and all the joints between the vertebrae are in their proper position, and/or not swollen or inflamed. Discs, ligaments and muscles appear normal with no evidence of wear or tear.

Evidence or lack of, is a continuing problem in the search for a prognosis for bad backs, yet back pain is very real.

This is not to say that muscles are necessarily “normal” that is the same as everyone else’s muscles. Muscles tend to strengthen with repeated use, and weaken whey they are not used. It makes sense then that different lifestyles and occupations create different muscle tone. The weaker the muscle, the less likely they can deal with unusual exertion thus can become tired easily, or swollen, this can lead to cramp/spasms.

We sometimes put our back muscles into a position, or ask them to do a task, that involves the equivalent of holding a weight for a long period of time, or sit in the same posture/position with little or no support. Fatigue in a “normal” muscle can cause pain…Your back is complaining. The best way to deal with this is to get your back moving normally again.

Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of treatment.

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