The Causes of Back Pain

October 11, 2011 Back Pain

One of the most common medical complaints has always been back pain, so in today’s modern world, should we not be educated in The Causes of Back Pain? Understanding the cause of your back pain is essential in gaining the correct treatment, and although back pain is among the prime difficult and formidable of problems for both patients and doctors alike, most bad back occurrences can be fixed within a matter of weeks.

Studies show that 4 out of 5 people experience back pain at least once in their lifetime, with the most common cause due to muscular strains. These muscular strains can be easily avoided if you prevent yourself from unexpected impact, twists or tears, such as when you are lifting heavy objects.

Remember, the back is an intricate anatomy of 33vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, joints and discs, all of which can cause minor to severe pain if injured. Just think of how much you rely on your back, it is the supporter of your head and core of your body that deals with a huge amount bending, flexing and moving.

Another common cause of back pain is ligament sprains which can result from a fall or a drastic twist. The ligaments of the back are then stretched, and in severe instances, torn. The third most common cause is herniated discs which are caused by improper lifting and often seen in long-haul drivers,due to the repetitive vibratory movements. This can later produce a radicular back pain which runs along the nerves.

There are more variations of back pain, but remember, most incidents last only a few days and can be quickly solved within a matter of weeks with gentle exercise and correct posture. However, please be aware of the following warning signs and contact your GP for further assistance if;

  • Your back pain lasts longer than s few days
  • Your back pain keeps you awake
  • You have loss of bowel or bladder control
  • You experience chills, sweats, a fever or other
    strange signs.

Only YOU know YOUR back. Take care of it, it’s yours for life.

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