Say ‘No’ to Space Invaders – The SMART Way…

July 26, 2013 Ergonomics
The SMART Way:

Are you managing your office space the S.M.A.R.T. way?

Are you managing your office space the S.M.A.R.T. way?

S – Stylish
M – Meets the Needs of the Business
A – Affordable
R – Reliable
T – Tidy

Cumbersome cables, messy monitors, cluttered cupboards. Space Invaders are attacking Offices all over the country, and the only way to protect your business is to make sure your workspace strategy is SMART:

1. Be SMART with Storage

A well thought out storage strategy can add lots of space to your office that may have, otherwise, been occupied by paperwork, clutter and other ‘Space Invaders’. With this in mind, it’s worth taking the time to identify what your employees actually need to have access to during their working day, then finding a home for it within your new office plan. Remember; advancements in shelving and overhead storage units mean that you can strategically use the space above your desk as well as the traditional under-desk pedestal and drawer solutions.

2. Be SMART with Cables

Cables and wires are some of the nastiest and most common ‘Space Invaders’ in any workplace. Be sure to look out for the desks and office workstations that recognise the need for technology integration with pre-drilled cable access points. Additionally, it is also worth taking into account that there are now a host of other options available to allow you to tidy up those unsightly wires and leads such as strategically placed cable-trays and baskets. Remember; as well as wanting your new office layout to look great, it’s also important to adhere to any relevant safety guidelines related to cable placement, so if in doubt, refer to your appliance manual before attempting to move any cables.

3. Be SMART with Computer Equipment

With the addition of both CPU Cradles and monitor arms, it is possible to dramatically reduce the amount of desk-space required to effectively set up your computer workstation, so be sure to opt for furniture that incorporates these space-saving elements. In fact, the only space invaders on your desk should now be your keyboard and mouse! By removing additional paraphernalia like CPUs from your surfaces, you will quickly start to see a more slick, spacious office appearing.

4. Be SMART with Partitioning

One rookie mistake we often see during office refurbishments is ineffective use of partitioning. Whilst the benefits are vast for separating your office into manageable chunks with partition walling, it can seriously affect the flow of light around your office. Often this can result in the perception of a more enclosed, less spacious-looking area. There are two great ways to combat this; the first of which is to work closely with a provider who can offer advice on exactly where you should place your partitions to achieve the desired effect, without disrupting light flow too much or allowing surplus pieces of partition walling to become unwelcome ‘Space Invaders’. The second option is to explore clear or glass partitioning options, which will allow you to segregate areas of the office to your heart’s content, whilst still maintaining a light and airy look and a more spacious perception!

5. Be SMART with Quality

One of the biggest false economies facing businesses today is that of simply buying the cheapest office furniture available. A bold statement, but true nevertheless. All too often, we see companies that have undergone a full office refurb, opted for the cheapest option the provider carries and then six months later have to come to us to replace items that are broken or not fit for purpose. This is not to suggest that companies ought to break their budget or simply buy the most expensive thing in the catalogue. However, we can’t recommend highly enough that you always ask yourself; “Is this the best I can achieve within my budget?” The ‘Space Invaders’ in this situation are the ghostly broken chairs occupying that dark corner of the office that nobody can use now because the gas canisters have failed, they won’t fit in the skip and the bin man won’t take them. It’s a trap that hundreds of businesses fall into every year, but one that can easily be avoided by working with a provider who can objectively inform you about the expected lifespan of a product in relation to its cost to you.

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