Return To School

Return To School

March 4, 2021 Back Pain, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

Monday the 8th of March will see students and teachers return to school in England. This follows a turbulent year of both face to face and remote teaching. With many educational staff not teaching in the schools since before Christmas, the return to the classroom will of course feel slightly unusual for all.

For most, the luxury of a home office is not something that we have the privilege of enjoying. This has meant that for many teachers across the country, they have been conducting their lessons from a kitchen table.

Returning To School

Although used as a short-term solution, a dining room chair is not going to give you adequate support. Before long, aches and pains will start to occur. If these are not addressed, chances are they, will only get worse.

34,000 of those who work in education are recorded to suffer from some sort of musculoskeletal problem. This equates to around a quarter of all ill health in the educational sector. With this, it is important that the return to school is carefully considered.

Returning to the classroom after months of remote working will undoubtedly feel unusual to begin with. Worrying about your bad back is not something else that you need on your mind.

Our Solution

At VergoUK we have years of experience working with schools to ensure all staff can work comfortably. Our display screen equipment (DSE) assessments can be carried out on any member of staff, in schools, colleges, academies, and universities.

We can carry out our assessments on teachers, faculty members and any other member of office staff. Wherever you work in education, we can help.

Often, we find that teachers are crouched down to assist pupils or are sat on low tables. Circumstances like this can affect your posture which leads to musculoskeletal problems. In this instance, it is important to always have a chair and desk that you can go to and work from so that you get a rest from uncomfortable sitting.

Having a desk that you can return to in between helping students gives your body a much-needed break from unergonomic sitting. The correct workstation set up encourages correct posture, improves blood flow and means that you can be comfortable.

Equally, we can redesign meeting rooms to create break-out spaces so that educational staff have somewhere comfortable to carry out their work that is not in the classroom.

Do You Need A DSE Assessment?

Whether you have one member of staff that needs a DSE assessment or, you would like your entire school assessing, we have solutions to help. Our services are completely scalable meaning no task is too small or large for us to carry out.

There is no need to make your transition back into school any more stressful than it needs to be. Worrying about a bad back and aches and pains can be something that we can help to easily resolve.

DSE assessments increase productivity, improve comfort, reduce aches and pains, lower absenteeism and allow organisations to meet Health and Safety obligations.

If you have any questions about how we can help you or any of your colleagues at your school, feel free to reach out and a member of our team would be more than happy to help.

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