Relieve Back Pain with Exercise

October 10, 2011 Back Pain

Don’t let back pain get you down in the dumps, Relieve Back Pain with Exercise!Resisting the temptation to pull the covers over your head is hard, but exercise has been medically proven to put you back in charge of your back! So why is exercise so good for your bad back?

  • Toning your stomach and back muscles help support your perfect posture.
  • Strong muscles give you more control over movement.
  • Being fit improves blood circulation, essential in relieving your bad back.
  • Stretching not only increases your flexibility, it improves your posture for sitting and lifting.
  • Exercise makes you happy! And therefore less lazy and likely to fall back in to bad habits, like slouching.

So why not start relieving your bad back today with some gentle exercises  and start living your life? With back pain being one of the leading causes of disability and time lost from work all over the world, you can deal with it head-on by committing to a few hours of exercise a week, and in the process, increase you energy levels and get fit!

But before you start relieving your back pain with exercise, remember to;

  • Choose an exercise that you like, and that you will be able to continue without being bored!
  • Start slowly, and gradually increase your level of fitness. There’s no rush!
  • Avoid impact sports, which may put more stress on your back.
  • When lifting, be sensible with the weight and ensure the correct posture.
  • Wear supportive trainers to reduce the impact of movements.
  • Don’t over do it! Stop if an exercise is causing pain and slow down your pace until you are fitter.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our selection of exercises  to relieve your bad back pain!

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