• HÅG H04 4650


£444.10 Excluding VAT

Key words describing HÅG H04 are balance, freedom and movement.

Balance because it provides the best starting point for any movement, freedom of movement because it permits unrestricted movement, allowing you to focus on your work.

HÅG H04 is an updated version of the HÅG Credo, the best-selling office chair in Scandinavia. With a traditional but simultaneously up-to-date visual design, the chair is perfect for all businesses and offices, large or small.

HÅG H04 4100 has a low back. Standard 150 mm gas lift. The footbase is available in two colours, black or silver. Castors can be ordered to suit the type of floor. Hard castors for soft flooring and soft castors for hard floors. Polished footbase, 200 mm gas lift and armrests are optional.

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