HAG Capisco

£274.18 Excluding VAT

If you’re into innovation, HAG Capisco is the office chair for you.

You won’t find another office chair so well suited to work surfaces at different heights or to height-adjustable desks.

In a HAG Capisco, you can sit equally comfortably facing forward or turned to the side, allowing you a broad reach.

The chair has received a number of awards for its unique qualities and characteristic design. It has also been a forerunner in terms of environmentally friendly design and still has a very strong environmental profile compared to its competitors.

You can choose a HAG Capisco in good conscience and safe in the knowledge that Vergo offer rapid delivery to London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and everywhere else in between.

HÅG Capisco 8105 is uniquely suited to raised and height adjustable desktops.

The saddle seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions, all the way up to standing, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements while still balanced.

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