DDA Compliant

Choosing the right desk is almost as important as choosing the right chair. Your desk needs to be large enough so you can set work out and minimise turning and stretching common causes of back problems. You also need to keep space underneath your desk clear so you have complete freedom of movement for your legs.

Many desks are shaped to allow the correct distance from your eyes to your screen, not always possible with some rectangular desk tops and definitely not DDA compliant. In this section you will find fixed height and height adjustable desks & workstations and even height adjustable meeting tables that are DDA compliant to cater to all your desk and table requirements. The height adjustable items encourage varied working positions and are also suitable for the disabled, ensuring they are DDA compliant and catering fully to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Don’t fall foul of the law! We have a range of height adjustable desking, tables and reception furniture catering to disabled and wheelchair users and complying to the Disability Discrimination Act. Call us to discuss your requirements and we’ll help you meet those specific needs.

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