Prevention of Back Pain

October 7, 2011 Back Pain

Stress is one of the number one causes of bad backs according to medical news. In order to prevent a bad back, you must minimize extreme stresses and over exertion and ensure you keep your back strong and limber.

Simple preventions can be taken to protect your back. Exercise and loosing excess weight reduces the strain on your back and gets you fit and healthy! Wearing flat, comfortable shoes with cushioned soles reduce the impact on your back, and you should refrain from making sudden movements and causing unneeded strain on your muscles.

Posture, whether standing or sitting, laying down or even driving, is paramount to maintaining a strong, healthy back. When standing, face forward, shoulders back and keep your spine and legs as straight as possible. Balancing your weight evenly on your feet ensures a healthy posture with limited strain on your back muscles.

When sitting, you should endeavour to sit upright, with both feet firmly on the floor. Your knees and hips should be level, with support in the small of your back.

And when laying down or sleeping, make sure your mattress is firm enough to support the entirety of your body, maintaining a straight spine, but be careful not to over strain your neck with a large pillow, make sure it’s gently supported.

When driving ensure that your lower back is appropriately supported and position your feet squarely in front of the foot controls. Always adjust your mirrors to avoid unnecessary twisting and turning, and never forget! Take frequent breaks when travelling long distances and take time to stretch your legs.

And finally, one of the other massive causes of back injury-lifting. Learning how to lift properly is essential in maintaining a healthy, strong back and preventing back pain. Always think before you attempt to lift anything, if it’s too heavy, know your limit and break the load up or seek help. Always push rather than pull an object and always avoid twisting your back. When lifting, your legs should take the strain, never your back. Keep balanced and grounded by bending your back, knees and hips slightly, keeping one leg a little forward. Use your stomach muscles and support the load at your waist.

You are never too young or old to adopt these easy techniques in order to prevent back pain. Remember, the prevention is always better than the cure.

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