Practical things that can help a bad back

September 15, 2011 Back Pain

Improving the pain in your back can be as simple as taking a look at all of the things in our lives that we take for granted. Practical things that may help a bad back may be as simple as looking at the car you drive, your bed, your sofa and television set, and last but by no means least your feet.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional driver or a weekend driver, eight hours behind the wheel can damage your spine. You only have to look at people getting out of their cars to realise that people of all ages, all shapes and sizes have to ease themselves out of their cars grab the doorframes and rub the small of their backs, and you often see this on motorway service stations. Driving gives you backache.

Osteopaths who have taken part in surveys, have revealed that a high percentage of their patients have related their back problems to driving. It is interesting to note that only a small proportion of automatic drivers suffered backache compared with a higher proportion of drivers with manual gear boxes.

A regular programme of back exercises to keep your spine mobile and the muscles in good shape will make a big difference. On long journeys make sure you stop for five minutes every hour or so. Get out of the car and have a stretch and walk about.

In a pamphlet on back pain, the Health & Safety Executive says poor ergonomic design is responsible in part, to contributing to back pain in drivers.

There are products on the market that help improve your posture in the car, some are contoured foam on a solid base, and can be moved up and down on the back of your seat, so that the support is where you need it most.

Always check with your GP at the onset of back pain and before using any alternative remedies.

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