Practical things that can help a bad back; Part three

September 19, 2011 Back Pain

Improving the pain in your back can be as simple as taking a look at all of the things in our lives that we take for granted. Practical things that may help a bad back part three, will give you some insight on the type of chair that may help in the fight back, against back pain.

The research tells us that one-third of Britons spend more than ten hours a day seated, according to the British Chiropractic Association. Half do not leave their desks even to have lunch. Two-thirds of people also spend the evening sitting down at home…

One of the worst enemies of the spine is soft armchairs with low backs and no support. Historically craftsmen had a much better sense of what was suited to the human anatomy, and the Queen Anne style of high-backed wing armchairs was designed to support the back and the head in great comfort.

Equally the Chesterfield type of sofa, helps you to remain in the correct sitting position, it is difficult to fall asleep and let your head loll down and to one side. The problem with ultramodern designs is that they often make you perch on the edge in great discomfort or tip back with your feet in the air and your shoulders, neck and head lolling behind you over a back support that barely reaches your waist. Not a great design for someone suffering from low-back pain. The best remedy here is to try out several chairs before you buy, sit yourself down long enough to make sure it suits you own body type…

Always inform your doctor at the onset of back-pain, and before trying any alternative therapies.

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