Practical things that can help a bad back; Part four

September 20, 2011 Back Pain

Improving the pain in your back can be as simple as taking a look at all of the things in our lives that we take for granted. Practical things that may help a bad back part four, comfortable and healthy feet are vital in the healthy back department.

Uncomfortable poorly fitting shoes, which cause bunions, corns and long-term foot problems, can exacerbate the problems you have with your back. Sore feet can adversely affect posture, creating, tiredness, discomfort and pain.

High heels tip your weight forward; this exaggerates the inward curve at the base of your spine, and can lead to compression of the toes as your weight is thrown down into the front of the shoes (sounds far too painful just for the sake of fashion).

Equally cheap trainers that have inadequate support structures are just as bad. They don’t fit properly or prop up the arches of the foot. Good quality trainers might be a little more expensive but can benefit the spine. Air-cushioned designs, absorb impact, and can protect the feet. They can be really good for back sufferers.

Pamper your feet, remove rough or dry skin, and rub in a little lanolin-based cream night and morning, treat your feet as you would your face…Think of how hard they work for you, supporting you on a daily basis. Keep your nails short; if you wear proper shoes and look after your feet carefully, they in turn will help improve the health of your back…

Always consult your GP at the onset of back pain and before trying alternative therapies.

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