Living with Back Pain

October 6, 2011 Back Pain

So you’re Living with Back Pain. It is not the end of the world! By changing a few of your daily habits, the benefits for your back can be life changing. Although it is tempting to turn to your GP, dose up on medicine and crawl in to bed, it is vital that you maintain your routine and keep your back moving and flexible.

Managing your back properly is the key to success when living with back pain. Think about it, when you go to sit down, how do you do it? Most of us will simply plonk our bums down without a second thought, but think about the impact this has on your spine! By simply lowering yourself slowly, you are already reducing unnecessary stress on your back.

When lifting boxes or picking up a child, bend you knees, not your back! Your legs should take the weight of whatever you are lifting, and using your tummy muscles can also help to relieve unwanted strain on your spine.

Moving furniture or other large, heavy objects? Simply push instead of pulling. By using your legs for power and keeping your spine in-line you are protecting your back from additional strain. And finally, exercise! The benefits of exercising are phenomenal for your health and well-being, but can also ease the stresses of living with back pain.  Whatever your chosen activity, just remember to take it slowly and increase the level of your fitness slowly. By rushing, you are only going to cause more damage.

So, start managing your back pain today and take control of your life!

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