Ergonomics Essentials Seminar Liverpool Womens Hospital

Liverpool Women’s Hospital Ergonomics Seminar

November 8, 2018 DSE Assessments, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

Last month, our Lead DSE Assessor Lana Dolan visited Liverpool Women’s Hospital to hold a short seminar on ‘Ergonomic Essentials & Tips’.

Liverpool Women’s Hospital, a major obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatology research hospital, is run by Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust who employ around 1,350 staff.

The aim of the seminar, delivered to staff members various departments within the hospital, was to provide an insight into the importance and simple application of ergonomics in the daily work environment on a holistic basis or with a person-centred approach dependent upon the individual circumstances.

Health and Safety at Work – HSE

The talk covered points from choosing a chair, the relevance of sit-stand desking, through to possible ergonomic interventions in terms of accessories (namely, mice and keyboards). The focal point was the importance of education regarding postures and use of equipment, rather than the implementation of equipment itself.

Staff were made aware of the importance of using ergonomic equipment correctly with regards to symptom management as the provision of equipment can aid in symptoms management in a meaningful way – only when used in conjunction with regular breaks and changes of posture.

It was important to highlight that ergonomic equipment will not eradicate all musculo-skeletal symptoms in any case, but will allow an employee to remain as comfortable as possible during their rehabilitation or long term symptom management.

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