How Bill Gates and the Internet Caused My Back Pain!

March 10, 2010 Back Pain, Ergonomics

Bill Gates

I used to be fit – very fit! I used to play 2 games of rugby and 3 games of golf every week and believe me, the way I played I always ensured I was walking serious miles every round. Now I am a shadow of my former self. I’m 6’ 4″, 23+ stone and have had 2 back operations – and in my mind it’s all Bill Gates’ fault!

Apparently we all evolved from apes and my love of bananas gives me no reason to doubt this theory. Over time we started to stand up straight and developed into completely vertical creatures dependent on only our feet to stand up and move. This was very useful as “Man” became a “Hunter” in the true sense of the word spending his life running through woods and forests hunting for food. During this time he was very active always on the go and constantly moving around.

Over time, he (OK – I) evolved into a much lazier person whereby the only “hunting” that I do now is simply driving to the local Tesco and “spearing” my cash-card into a hole-in-the-wall.

This change in lifestyle resulted in me spending long periods of the day sitting down whether at work or at home relaxing – and this is why I used to suffer from a bad back as my musculoskeletal system was designed to be vertical and constantly moving – not sitting down for hours on end.

Amazingly, and for some reason I just cannot fathom, Bill Gates never once considered the impact his software would have my back when he was developing it. This man is supposed to be a genius – why wasn’t it at the forefront of his mind? He knew that a product like Microsoft Office would result in billions of us around the world spending hour upon hour in front of a computer sitting in what can only be described as “suspect” seating whilst at work. No wonder I ended up with a bad back – at that time I don’t think the term “ergonomic seating” had been invented – maybe he should have invented that before Windows 95 – at least we would have been more prepared for what was to come!

Just to compound the situation even further, when I got home I would then sit for even more hours using the internet or playing games on the computer sitting on a chair that was usually discarded from the dining room or a collapsible seat that normally only came out on day trips to Aberystwyth. I got what I deserved.

The constant sitting in unsupportive chairs whilst at a desk that was much too low for someone of my height was the final straw.

Admittedly I am a little late to prevent the problem occurring but at least now I know how to protect my back from further damage and how to keep my blood circulation pumping. At work I use a Manual Height-Adjustable Desk in conjunction with a HAG Capisco 8106 which is ideal for allowing me to work in a sit-stand environment and in numerous positions. I now feel more refreshed each day and, “touch wood” I have been free from back pain for over 5 years.

At home I use another Capisco 8106 I bought myself with a desk I have adapted to be at a comfortable height for surfing and gaming. After all it’s almost impossible to become Master of the Galaxy when you are standing up… unless you are on the Wii of course!

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