Herbs for bad backs

September 13, 2011 Back Pain

Herbal remedies are not just old wives’ tales; you may be surprised to know that 25 per cent of all prescriptions written by doctors are for medicines that are wholly or partially derived from plants. These range from the most powerful pain-killers like morphine to simple indigestion mixtures which contain peppermint oil.

Herbs are plants that are grown either for food (usually a condiment) or because they have some use in treating diseases or to help heal. There are many herbal remedies that could be effective in the relief of back pain; they are generally those which have an anti-inflammatory effect.

According to Stanley W. Jacob, M.D… (Professor of surgery at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland). The nutritional supplement MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is very effective for treating chronic back pain. Dr Jacob states that “I have seen several hundred patients for back pain, secondary other problems, such as arthritis, disk degeneration, and accidents” he says “For such pain-related conditions, MSM is usually beneficial and in fact in his opinion “there may be no pharmaceutical therapy that is better.”

Another effective natural anti-inflammatory is Evening Primrose Oil and, when combined with fish oil, it can be a great help in the treatment of arthritically induced backache. Apparently neither the Eskimos nor the coastal New Zealand Maoris appear to suffer from arthritis. The Eskimos traditionally ate Whale blubber, and part of the Maoris diet was the New Zealand green-lipped mussel. Eating oily fish is always good for people who suffer from arthritis.

Always check with your GP at the onset of back pain and before using any alternative remedies.

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