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Have you really thought about your office design?

March 22, 2017 Uncategorized

OFFICE design is critical to an efficient business. A well planned office will improve employee performance boost productivity and enhance your profitability.

Vergo UK has been supplying office furniture to SMEs for more than a decade , but we are more than suppliers. Vergo UK is your partner in office management from design through to installation. Our team are experienced at design, visualisation, advising, procurement and installers for businesses from two to 1000s of employees.

So what are the key features of good office design?

Efficiency is key. Your employees spend more than a third of their lives at work. Your workspace should be functional and comfortable with employees able to move about easily. Reducing the time that colleagues have to spend accessing equipment vital to their roles improves efficiency and boosts productivity.
It’s essential that colleagues who share tasks are grouped together for efficiency so the first thing that Vergo UK do at the start of every office design is ask a series of questions about your business, your team and their roles.
Lighting is another key factor in improving efficiency. Windows that create glare can have a negative effect but so can a lack of good lighting. The Vergo UK design team can help identify optimum lighting systems to give day long visibility to ensure your team can be productive from 9.00 ‘til 5.00.
Open plan or individual offices can be a major factor and here at Vergo UK we can advise of options. Importantly, we can help you visualise what your office could look like and how it could deliver what you need. Using 3D models Vergo UK design team can create a life like office environment that gives you a walk through. It can help save time and money.
If you would like advice before you start planning your new office call our team on 01422 659051 or email