Five ergonomic products that will make sitting at your desk more comfortable.

Five ergonomic products that will make sitting at your desk more comfortable

March 12, 2019 Accessories, Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Ergonomics

If you’re someone who sits at a desk all day, then you may struggle with a bad back or an aching neck. These five ergonomic products could help alleviate your issues:

Ergonomic Chair

When you think about it we sit for over 8 hours a day, often without moving regularly if stationed at an office desk or computer, so getting the right seating is essential.

Our bodies are not used to sitting in one position so long and if we are in the wrong position during this time it can put immense strain on bones and ligaments.

An ergonomic chair is able to adjust to your exact postural needs, this will help improve musculoskeletal issues or even prevent reoccurring back pain.

Spinal Lumbar Roll

Sitting down all day can cause extreme strain and pressure on our backs. Often, the part of the back that suffers the most is the lower back.

Placing a lumbar roll in the small of the back when sitting, helps promote good posture. This is because when placed correctly, a lumbar support makes sure that the body is in correct alignment.

Adjustable Footrest

An adjustable footrest means you can make appropriate height adjustments. This will help relieve pressure on the lower back, and will help relax the legs and feet.

Ergonomic Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard can be split both horizontally and vertically. When split in the middle, the two side’s angle away from each other. This is intended to help with hand spacing, wrist comfort and fluid typing motion.

A keyboard like this will make the typing experience a very comfortable one.

Height Adjustable Desk

These type of desks are very versatile, they are simple to operate and allow you to move from sitting to standing work at the press of a button.

Having a height adjustable desk could reduce fatigue levels, reduce risk of injury caused by sitting for too long, and could increase energy levels.

If you are unsure what kind of ergonomic products that you need, but feel like you’re not happy with your workstation setup, then it could be worthwhile getting a DSE Assessment.

A DSE Workstation Assessment will identify any issues with current setups as well as any specific products that may assist on a proactive basis with regards to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

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