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Ergonomics – give your team another lease of life

February 17, 2017 Ergonomics, Uncategorized

No one is getting any younger, however, mature employees are an asset to any business so it pays to keep them on board.
But how do you keep your ageing workforce healthy and productive when they could be sedentary for hours on end, hunched over poorly positioned desks, in uncomfortable seating that has long past its sell by date?
Make Ergonomic office furniture a central plank of your HR strategy.
Leading Regional Director of Public Health, Yvonne Doyle, recently said: “The OECD estimate presupposes that most people will continue to work until the official retirement age” .
Strong stuff and one that should make anyone responsible for workplace health take notice. It is particularly important when you consider that by 2030, when all baby boomers will have turned 65, 18 per cent of the workforce will be aged 65 or more.

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So what is Ergonomics and why is it important?
Ergonomics is the relationship between people and their workplace environment, specifically the equipment they use.
Ergonomics as an investment
Poor ergonomics could lead to prolonged absence negatively affecting productivity and profitability. It makes sense to invest in ergonomics and be pro active rather than reactive for a profit dividend and to improve your retrition rate.
Vergo UK has a fully qualified team of ergonomic advisors who will take a holistic assessment of your workplace and provide unbiased feedback about potential pitfalls for employees.
We can analyse seating:
• office layout
• poor lighting
• the kind of equipment you provide
• the way it is positioned for individuals.

But our service goes beyond that.

The correct seating will still be wrong if it is not adjusted to suit the user. Our ergonomic assessors can provide training to ensure they get the maximum benefit from ergonomic seating by making sure it is at the correct height and angle in all situations.
Similarly, Vergo UK assessors know that seating is only part of the solution and can offer advice about workplace mobility to ensure that users move about the office ad get enough exercise during their working day.
Practical ergonomic application
Workstation accessories may be advised for an individual based on their requirements. It is, however, important to note that products labelled ‘ergonomic’ may not be of benefit for each and every employee. Ergonomics should be applied using a person-centred approach either through education or implementation of product.
If you would like further advice about pro active ergonomics and keeping an ageing workforce healthy then please call us on: 01422 659051 or email:

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