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Ergonomic accessories and the benefits of using them

August 23, 2018 Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Ergonomics, Uncategorized, Workplace Wellbeing

As well as ergonomic chairs, desks, and tables, there are also various ergonomic accessories that will help you do your job and minimise the chances of encountering postural and RSI type injuries.

Listed below are 5 ergonomic accessories that will benefit you in the workplace:

  1. 3M Renaissance Cordless Mouse

This ergonomically designed input device helps reduce stress to the nerve in the carpal tunnel and to the muscles in the user’s arm. It has also been shown in clinical trials to reduce discomfort for computer users.

  1. Spinal Lumbar Roll

A Lumbar Roll helps individuals find a comfortable posture, and will ease any lower back pain.

  1. Adjustable Footrest

Adjustable footrests provide considerable ergonomic benefit. If the feet are not supported correctly, this can have an effect on the legs and back. Adjustable footrests will allow you to place your feet in a position that eases ache not only in the feet but in the legs and back too. This will greatly improve circulation in the body.

  1. Adjustable Laptop/Computer Stand Laptop Stand

Having an adjustable stand means there is less risk of neck pain and injuries. Good practice of ergonomics includes making sure your back is straight and you are looking straight forward at a screen, not down. An adjustable laptop will enable the screen users to adjust the screen according to their specific needs.

  1. Arm Support

Even though most office chairs come with arms rests either side, sometimes they are not placed in a position that makes it comfortable for the individual using the chair. Using an armrest that is fixed in a position that’s right for you, will help maintain a neutral typing position which will minimize the tendency to make forceful movements. It will also allow your arms and shoulders to relax which will prevent tight shoulder muscles.

If you’re interested in any of the products above but are unsure on what you need, then our DSE Assessments can help you identify any issues with current setups or identify specific products that may allow DSE related issues to be resolved.


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