DSE Assessments Hull

DSE Assessments Hull

It is your responsibility as an employer to protect your employees from the risks associated with display screen equipment. DSE includes items such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 apply to workers who use DSE daily and for an hour or more at a time. These workers are referred to as ‘DSE users’ by The Health and Safety Executive.

If not ergonomically friendly, prolonged use of computer workstations and DSE can lead to physical ailments. These include neck or shoulder ache, back or arm pain, along with stress, fatigue and temporary eyestrain.

DSE Workstation Assessments

Hull DSE Workstation Assessment Specialists

VergoUK can provide DSE assessments to businesses and organisations throughout Hull.

Our DSE workstation assessments in Hull include a full written report of the existing workstation. This report helps both line managers and ‘end users’ identify any issues with current setups as well as any specific products that will assist with comfort and improving Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

DSE workplace assessments are carried out on a re-active basis to assist with a wide range of medical conditions that impair an employee’s ability to work to their full potential. With early intervention and the introduction of the correct equipment and training on workplace ergonomics, VergoUK can reduce the risk of long-term absenteeism and assist the duty of care practiced by Hull employers.

We are experts in workplace solutions related to muscular-skeletal disorders and work related upper limb disorders. Our combination of DSE assessment and expert advice on ergonomic office equipment and accessories will give you the reassurance that any DSE related issues can be resolved quickly and decisively. This will help reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and boost profitability.

With unrivalled access to ergonomic seating and ancillary desktop products, VergoUK can provide a wide range of seating and accessories to suit any MSD and/or WRULD. It is our assessors’ product knowledge and expert advice for the ‘end user’ that sets us apart.

Our trained assessors can advise on seating position and ergonomic values at the workstation. It is this individual care and attention and the ongoing support we can provide to help solve issues that our clients in Hull appreciate.

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