Chronic Back Pain; How Do You Treat It?

August 17, 2011 Back Pain, Ergonomics, Orthopaedics

Constant back pain is known as “chronic” back pain. The difference between acute back pain and chronic back pain is in the duration of the pain. Acute Back pain can come and go over time; chronic back pain is always present.

Pain is a complex problem, involving both the mind and the body. In some cases of back pain there are no identifiable physical causes, most people recover from their first attack of back pain. Research supports the view that the more you know about back pain the less worrying it becomes, try to learn as much as you can about this subject.

Unhelpful beliefs about back pain only exacerbate the problem; some of the limited understanding we have of pain have been redefined. We now know that the experience of pain is relative, its intensity can depend on your situation and the context in which the pain is felt.

Pain Clinics have been set up all over Britain to help patients deal with chronic pain. Many of the patients who attend these clinics have chronic low back pain. There are several schools of thought when treating this type of pain, one of those centres on CBT or cognitive-behavioural therapy. This type of therapy concentrates on how pain arises and is perceived by the brain, it accepts that thoughts and feelings can alter its intensity and duration…This is a different way of treating or looking at the way we respond to chronic back pain, always consult your GP or health practitioner before trying out new treatments or therapies.

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