Can Yoga be helpful for backpain?

September 8, 2011 Back Pain

Can Yoga be helpful for back pain? Firstly yoga is an ancient and comprehensive form of spiritual self-discovery. In its purest form, yoga practitioners use physical and mental techniques to purify and re-vitalize the body and mind in order to open them to a type of universal reality.

A yoga therapist begins by looking for; physical, mental, and social behavioural obstacles to your wellness. In order to restore balance, the therapist might recommend changes in your diet and behaviour patterns, lifestyle, and social relationships.

Physical postures (asanas) help you to develop balance, strength and flexibility. Meditation or reflection to help focus your understanding of the source of tensions that contributes to your symptoms.

Yoga therapy can be very effective in treating all types of muscle and skeletal problems, such as lower-back disorders, neck and shoulder pain. Yoga therapy has the potential to relieve the discomfort caused by almost any heath problem, nearly all health problems are complicated by stress and tension, the way we hold ourselves during stressful times for example, can impact on our backs, thus causing pain…

Yoga therapies can also be successful in helping to treat arthritis, high blood pressure, insomnia diabetes, asthma, digestive problems and other common complaints associated with aging.

Provided that any particular health concerns you may have are taken into consideration, yoga therapy should be safe, always consult your GP at the onset of your symptoms and seek advice before taking part in any activities.

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