Back pain; What you can do for yourself

September 1, 2011 Back Pain

Back pain what can you do for yourself? One of the first things you can do to help yourself with regard to back pain is to keep well informed. There are various books in the market place with you in mind. (Always consult with your GP first).

Research into the causes of back pain is on-going, with medical authorities in countries like the United States, Britain, Germany and New Zealand issuing guidelines to doctors on how to give patients up-to date information on back problems.

Without exception guidelines for bad backs will give your specific information with regard to posture. When sitting, use a chair with a hard, straight, vertical back. Rise from the chair and walk around every half an hour or so and stretch. Orthopaedic chairs are specially made for people with existing back problems or, for those trying to avoid them.

Most of us who work will be chair bound for at least seven hours a day, this loads the spine, so to take the load correctly we need a chair that supports our backs.

Another example of specific advice form medical authorities is to position your-self correctly when driving. For example, do not drive for long periods with your legs pointing off to the side from your hips. Find a car where the pedals allow you to sit with your stomach and your legs facing in the same direction. If you can organize support for the small of your back, by, adjusting the cushioning have a go, if not then try a folded towel, it may come in useful. Take breaks when driving long distances…It is worth the extra effort to keep well informed.

Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of treatment.

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