Back pain; How to be a coper

September 2, 2011 Back Pain

Back pain how to be a coper:  The tips used on this page come from the Bad Back Book; this particular section is called reconditioning your back, learning to become a coper rather than an avoider.

  • Keep yourself fit with your favourite exercise. Exercising your back will make you feel better.
  • Keep up as many of your daily activities as possible. Avoid lifting and heaving but that’s about all.
  • Do a little more every day, and take pleasure in measuring your progress. It will stimulate you to do more still, and get you back to normality sooner.
  • Stay at work. If you normally do heavy work, as for light work for two weeks or so.
  • Accept the odd setback. From time to time, you back will complain for a while with the odd spasm, sharp twinge or dull ache. This does not mean you are necessarily going backwards. Patience is a virtue.
  • Try not to become dependent on drugs to kill the pain. They are OK for the first few days but, after that, use exercise and relaxation to fight it.
  • Don’t stay in nursing your pain and misery: force yourself to go out and enjoy yourself. If you get a spasm when you are out, try not to worry too much. It isn’t easy but it works.
  • Don’t worry if you have simple back pain you will not become an invalid.
  • Don’t get depressed on a bad day, all things pass.

Finally you have to live your life. Don’t let your “bad back” spoil it.

Courtesy of The Bad Back Book, (ISBM )-11 702078-78.

Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of treatment.

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