Meet Our Staff, Sam

Sam Stokes

Ergonomic DSE Assessor

Meet Sam, he joined the VergoUK team in November 2020 and has been a much loved member of the team since!

What do you do at VergoUK?

I am a display screen equipment (DSE) specialist. My role focuses on ensuring users can work comfortably by making adjustments to workstations or recommending suitable ergonomic furniture. Traveling to on-site assessments or, delivering them remotely (via video or phone call), I am able to get an overview of each workstation and determine what changes need to be made.

Covering Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Newcastle and surrounding areas, I help DSE users who struggle with bad backs, aches and pains and musculoskeletal problems. Working both independently and with the VergoUK team, I easily balance my workload and manage my time efficiently so that all assessments and reports are delivered in a timely manner. Looking at the information I collect, I am able to provide a solution that means VergoUK customers can go forward working comfortably.

What gets you excited about work?

The excitement really comes from the act of helping others work more comfortably at the workstation, no matter what the circumstances. Helping people from different backgrounds, line of work, industries etc.

The sense of achievement then comes from seeing them clients further down the line (either with them adjustments made or with their recommended equipment) and them telling me how much more supported/comfortable they feel when working.

What do you do in your spare time?

Football, football and more football haha!šŸ˜‚ Following my team, Manchester City. Not just football, literally any sport I can get invested in! Outside of the sporting world, my time is normally spent socialising with friends over a couple of drinks, training either in the gym or running outdoors and spending quality time with family. Will also get hooked into the odd tv series on Netflix.

When you grow up, what would you like to be?

When I was younger, easy ā€“ professional footballer haha. Now Iā€™m older and that dream is over (never say never), I see myself staying in the line of working ergonomics. I have a great deal of interest in the human body and how we can better things.

I studied Sport and Exercise Science at university which really got me involved in changing how we work in offices or at home to help better our overall health. With everyday being different and offering new challenges to overcome, it keeps me on my feet and keeps the job interesting but also fun. Progressing in line with VergoUK would be ideal for me and growing inside the company as the company grows.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I do enjoy a drink or two on most weekends but I must admit pizza is my downfall when it comes to diet! I also enjoy a good rom-com!

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tough one. My go to restaurant choice is a medium-rare steak but my favourite home cooked meal is fajitas or chilli con carne!