Meet Our Staff, Ellie

Ellie Clayton

DSE Assessor

Meet Ellie, at VergoUK, she is a DSE assessor for London and surrounding areas, ensuring workers across the area can work comfortably whether they are office or home based.

What do you do at VergoUK?

I work at VergoUK as a DSE assessor. My role focuses on making adjustments to workstations or recommending suitable ergonomic furniture to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. Travelling to on-site assessments or delivering them remotely (via video call), I will analyse the workstation and determine what changes need to be made. Covering London and surrounding areas, I help DSE users who struggle with pain and discomfort, mobility issues and musculoskeletal problems. These assessments allow me to gather the relevant information to provide a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace.