4 Ways sitting too much can harm your health

4 Ways Sitting Too Much Can Harm Your Health

February 13, 2019 Back Pain, DSE Assessments, Ergonomics, Workplace Wellbeing

There are many health issues associated with prolonged sitting. Below are 4 of the ways that sitting can cause you to suffer:

  1. Your muscles get weak and stiff

Sitting all day might result in muscle stiffness and weakness of your lower body. This makes sense, especially when you work in an office and you’re sat down in the same position for the majority of the day.

Sitting down for long periods of time can weaken the gluteus medius, which is an important muscle in the buttock. Any weakness like this can cause hip and lower back pain.

To prevent this problem, it could be a good idea to get up every half an hour and go for a quick walk, even if you just go and make a cup of tea!

  1. Your spine health suffers

 If you have bad posture, you’re are more likely to suffer from aches, pains, and degeneration in your spine.

Sitting for long periods can add a lot of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs, and sitting in a slouched position can overstretch the spinal ligaments and strain the spinal discs.

If you work on a computer, and your screen isn’t at the correct height, you will be putting a strain on your neck. This pressure can affect your breathing and also your mood.

  1. Sitting might lead to memory loss

 Sedentary behaviour is thought to cause thinning of part of the brain that is involved in memory formation.

  1. You’re at a greater risk of many diseases

 There are many health conditions that are associated with prolonged sitting. These can include obesity, increased blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels.

How to add more movement in your life:

  • Move every 30 minutes: It’s so important to get up and move your legs. To remind yourself, you could set an alarm or use an activity tracker.
  • Get up when you’re on the phone: Even if you’re simply just standing and slowly pacing the office, then this is better than remaining seated.
  • Don’t binge-watch TV: Use the ad breaks to get up and make a cup of tea or grab some snacks, or even do some simple stretches!
  • Walk wherever and whenever you can: If a destination is within walking distance, then walk! If you’re going to the supermarket, park as far from the entrance as possible to get some extra steps in. Also, take the stairs whenever you can.

DSE Assessments

If you do work in an office, and you sit for prolonged periods at a desk working on a computer, then it could be worthwhile getting a DSE Assessment.

A DSE Workstation Assessment will identify any issues with current setups as well as any specific products that may assist on a proactive basis with regards to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

For further information about how Vergo can help contact us here.


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