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Our rescue plan for flood-hit school

July 18, 2017 Uncategorized

VERGO UK has built a national reputation for providing comprehensive Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments to national and local organisations.
We’re more than that and provide a comprehensive furniture service to education, business and industry. We are able to take any brief and create a design that maximises space and enhances your organisational needs while delivering within tight timescales and budgets.
Vergo UK came to the rescue of a Calderdale junior school when a local river burst its banks washing out its ground floor classrooms and facilities.
Faced with a tight budget, timescale and insurance company guidelines, Vergo UK put together a comprehensive design including layout, furniture style and colour scheme that contrasted and complemented Riverside Junior School’s jade colour.
We suggested varying the furniture in different areas to maximise the school’s budget and provided a visual which showed exactly how the classrooms, IT and dining rooms would look once the refurbishment was complete.
With the flood waters having intruded up to 1.8 metres high, extensive re-plastering was needed and timing the delivery of the new furniture was essential to protect it from ongoing building dust and rubble while enabling the children to move back into their classrooms within a year of the December 2015 floods.
Successfully refitting the ground floor of the school prompted Riverside to invite us to tender for the refurbishment of the upstairs classrooms and public areas using our creative and value added approach to get all of Riverside Junior School operational and back to normal.

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